Shandong Qufu Shaohao Tomb, China

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Shaohao Tomb

The Shaohao Tomb is situated near the Jiuxian Village 4 km apart from the east of Qufu, Shandong Province. It is one of the most famous ancient tombs in China.

The Shaohao Tomb is the tomb of Shao Hao who was one of the five emperors in ancient China. His name means little son of Heaven or the second emperor. He founded the capital in Qiongsang Prefecture, later he moved it to Qufu. As an emperor, he lasted for 84 years. He had a very long life and died a natural death until his 100 years old.

It is difficult to find when the Shao Hao Tomb was built. In Song Dynasty, people once used 10,000 stones to surround the Shaohao Tomb, so the Shaohao Tomb was called "The Wanshan Stone". In Ming and Qing Dynasty, the Shaohao Tomb was list into a memorial tomb.

Then officers would be sent here to offer sacrifices to gods every three years and it would be repaired and rebuilt every year. In Qianlong Time of Qing Dynasty, some constructions of palace types were built in front of the tomb.

Today's scope of the Shaohao Tomb forms from the accumulation and building of succeeding dynasties and different years.

As high as 18 meters, today's Shaohao Tomb covers an area of 125 mu, the tomb is a stone construction with the pyramid shape. The stone carved statue of Shaohao is enshrined on top of the tomb, near the statue there are palaces, palace doors and stone memorial archways and etc. with stone fence all around.

In the tomb, there are full of Chinese junipers and cypresses, towering ancient trees and green grass, additionally, there are several tablets and stone carvings, on the stone carvings there record the chronological tables of repairing the tomb and sacrifices in succeeding dynasties.

From ancient till now, the pyramid type tomb is very rare in China. Although it is difficult to find when the Shaohao Tomb was built, it is really an ancient tomb with thousands of years, really worth seeing.