Henan Shaolin Temple, China

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Shaolin Temple

The Shaolin Temple at the foot of Song Mountain, Dengfeng County, Henan Province is world famous Buddhist Temple.

Named Shaolin Temple because it stands the south part of Shaoshi Mountain hidden in the forests. The Shaolin Temple got its world fame since Tang Dynasty (618-917AD) and honored as "Top Buddhist Temple in China"

The history of Shaolin Temple dated back to Northern and Southern Period (420-589AD). In 495 AD, Northern Wei Dynasty, Shaolin Temple was set up.

Thirty-two years later expansion took place in Shaolin Temple when famous Indian Budhi Damo came to the temple and explained Dhyana (the Chan sect). There were many people would like to be monks and study Wu Shu (Kung Fu) from Budhi Damo. Gradually, Shaolin Temple got its fame and known by more and more people.

In Song Dynasty (960-1271AD), there were more than 2, 000 monks in Shaolin Temple. And it got the best time in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) with large scale including the Hall of Heaven, the Hall of Mahavira, the Bell Tower and Hall of Lectures.

While in 1928, a fire destroyed the Shaolin Temple. Many valuable Buddhism volumes, the historic records of Shaolin Temple, the collections of Shaolin Wushu were all ruined. Only the main gate, the Snowing Pavilion, and the Hall of 1,000 Buddha remains. Now, the Chinese government decided to rebuild other destroyed buildings.

In many movies and TV Series, presented Shaolin Kung Fu, which brings Shaolin Temple lots of fame and honors. Many foreigners believe that every monk in China is good at Kung Fu. Every year there will be held the Kong Fu presentations and Kong Fu competitions besides the Buddhist Celebration.