Sichuan Shennong Stream (Shennong Xi), China

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Shennong Stream

Shennong Stream (Shennong Xi) is a tributary of Yangtze River. It rises in the mountain of Shennong Jia and flows through the Badong County of Sichuan Province on to Yangtze River.

The trip is 60 kilometers long. The river flows tortuously along the graceful peaks and there are many steep shoals along the way. It is a famous scenic spot of Eastern Sichuan Province.

Drifting down stream with the river is the most wonderful travel style. Sailing out from up stream, the skillful boatman will master the boat along the flow way and the tourists can enjoy the landscape on both sides of the riverbank and hills.

If the boat is in counter with current, the boatman will jump into the water and pull the boat with a long rope. When going through the steep shoals, you will experience the most wonderful part of the trip.

When at the Mianzhu Gorge, you will find bamboo grove on both sides of the river. The flow way at the Parrot Gorge is much wider and there are many special peaks in the gorge.

The most wonderful attraction is a giant rock standing in the middle of the river and force the water change its flowing directions, the rock looks like coming from no where, they said its fall from the sky.

Longchuan Gorge is next, the water level here are high and the flow way is narrow. In order to make the boat drift along the river, the boatmen have to jump into the water to pull and guide the direction of the boat. It is very interesting that they will shout slogans when pulling the boat.

There are a lot of other special tourist attractions like Xian Weng Song Ke, Panda Stone and Moving Crocodiles.