Sichuan Shennong Stream (Shennong Xi), China

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Shi Bao Zhai

After leaving the Fengdu Ghost Town, you will come to a lonely peak named Yuyin in Zhong County of Sichuan Province when you go north along the Yangtze River.

There is a tall structure about 56 meters high lies from the waist to the top of the peak named Shi Bao Zhai.

Shi Bao Zhai was built at the reign of Emperor Kangxi of Ch'ing Dynasty (1644 ~ 1911A.D.). Tower structure consists of gateway, tower body, and the top temple Tianzi Palace; the tower was build according to the nature element of the mountain and it architectural design is unique and peculiar.

The tower is relying on the peak; stairs is the only way to climb the peak. Build like a cone shape, the tower stairway get narrower as you climb up to the Tianzi Palace. Gazing at the top of the tower, you will be move by the endless river flow and the beautiful scenery in front of your eyes.

Due to the tower's extraordinary design, This tower became one of the eight most oddity designed structures in the world.

A great poet of Tang Dynasty (618 ~ 907A.D.) - Bai Juyi had once been the official of this county. There is a shrine to commemorate this famous poet; "Bai Gong Shrine" is the place tourist come to visits today.

Keeping going north is the Wang County, the gateway of north Sichuan Province. This place was never absent in the ancient civil wars. During the years of Three Kingdoms (221-263A.D), King Liubei was once here with his army, therefore, people also called this town the Tianzi City. ("King City")

Continue tgoing north, you will see Zhang Fei Temple. Legends said that after Zhang Fei dead, this great general of Three Kingdoms, people buried his skull here. The temple is about 1700 years old and named "the greatest view of Bashu".

There are many temples and palaces here like Jieyi Building, Zhu Feng Castle, and Cuckoo Pavilion. There are also great many valuable inscriptions written by many famous poets and generals. ("Yue Fei, Huang Ting Jian, etc.").