Shandong Weifang Shiwu Garden, China

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Shiwu Garden

The Shiwu Garden lies on the Hujia memorial archway street in Weicheng District, Weifang Prefecture, Shandong Province.

It is also called Dingjia Garden because it was once the official residence of an important minister in Ming Dynasty and the commander named Dingshanbao changed it into a private garden in late year of Qing Dynasty.

Since the area of the Shiwu Garden is not very big, only covering an area of 2,000 square meters, people described it as a construction as big as ten Hu boards only ( Hu board was a kind of board that ministers took in hand when going to court and wrote events in Chinese ancient time.), so it is called "the Shiwu Garden".

Due to its small and exquisite, the flowers and grass, the mountains and water, the constructions and layout are all designed meticulously. There are 67 buildings, platforms, pavilions and houses, elegant and harmonious, well-proportioned and tightly.

The Chunyu Building, the Yilan Pavilion, the Shuilian Cave and the Small Waterfall and etc. are all the efficiency of creations everywhere, but they form very naturally. On the wall there inlayed the authentic stone carvings written by "Yangzhou Eight Strangers" Zhengxie and Jinnong.

Although these layouts are all in purpose, they are all very natural, on the other hand also show that the owner of the garden Dingshanbao liked "Yangzhou Eight Strangers" very much.

The Shiwu Garden possesses not only a unique name, but also it possesses unique building garden intension. In the garden there is a display room showing the authentic works of paintings and calligraphies of the Yangzhou side. After visiting the landscapes of the garden, have a look at the creation of "Yangzhou Eight Strangers", it will be a special enjoyment that people from city cannot imagine.