Henan Songyang Academy, China

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Songyang Academy

The Songyang Academy at the foot of Song Mountain, Henan Province, is one of " Four Well-known Academies in Song Dynasty" and is a famous scenic area. It has a history of about 1, 000 years. Many emperors came here in a tour of inspection.

The Songyang Academy, known as one of four well-known academies. Many famous scholars and figures came here and made lectures, including Si Maguang, Fan Zhongyian, Chen Yi and Chen Hao. The number of students at Songyang Academy reaches hundreds of people.

However, throughout the course of history many buildings were destroyed and ruined. Two ancient huge trees are very valuable since Han Dynasty (206BC-25AD), whose names are Senior General and Junior General.

The Pagoda at the backyard of Songyang Academy was built in 520 AD, Northern Wei Dynasty with 15 floors, 40m high. It is the existent oldest pagoda with 12 sides. The Junji Mountain, the main hill of Song Mountain, is the main scenic spot at Song Mountain 1492m high.

Emperor Qianlong (1736-1796), Ch'ing Dynasty came here in a tour of inspection and wrote: " Every fantastic scenic spot presents when I stand on the peak!" There is also the poem related to Junji Mountion by a most poet Fan Zhongyian: "You couldn't know so large the world unless you tour the Junji Mountain!"

Nowadays, you could enjoy the scenic spots on the way to Songyang Academy and Junji Mountain, much easier than before. It takes you 4 hours mounting Junji Mountain.

The ancient emperors came here in a tour of inspection and made the worship for the Heaven. In addition, the scholars and poets made lectures and went sightseeing.

Do not miss Songyang Academy, a combination of the academy and the fantastic scenery.