Harbin Sun Island, China

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Harbin Sun Island

The Sun Island lies at the Songhua River side in Harbin City, opposite to the urban screened by the river. Accompanied by the attractive landscapes all over the year, it is a famous scenic spot and a good recuperation place in Chinese north regions.

The name of the Sun Island came from the Manzhou language. The fisherman of Man ethnic call a kind of Fang fish "Taiyi'an" in the Songhua River, after spread for a long time, it became "the Sun Island" in the contents of "The History of Ch'ing Dynasty". In other words near the Sun Island abounds Fang fish.

The scenic area of the Sun Island is composing with 20 scenic spots. Such as the water pavilion and loud sky, youth's family, waterside pavilion, fountain and flying waterfall, Sun Mountain and Lotus Lake, occupying an area of 38 square km.

The water pavilion and cloud sky has the character "the park within the park", inside the park there are long corridor, square building, and Sun Lake. Standing on the platform of the building, you can appreciate the landscapes of the island from different angels.

The youth's family is also called "the happy village", inside there are children's palace, stadium etc., providing a good entertainment place for children and adults.

There are more than 300,000 trees overall island. In spring and autumn, all the green will fill in your eyes, the Sun Mountain is also green everywhere, which often attracts people to climb the mountain and share the beautiful "Forest Bath".

Many lotus flowers in the Lotus Lake dancing in the wind, with thick lotus leaves, attract a large number of visitors every year.

Along both sandy beaches of the Songhua River, it is the good place for visitors to have a sunbath. In autumn, you can see layers and layers red maples all over the banks and in the water. In winter, the nearby Songhua River is a natural skating rink, here you can have iceboat and also travel riding on the sled. You will be full of praise for the four season landscapes on the Sun Island.

There is vast grassland and a jungle on the island, you can take the colorful donkey car and let the groom drive the awning car go around the Sun Island. And enjoy the north regions' feelings which belongs to northeast districts.