Henan Kaifeng Temple of Lord Bao, China

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Temple of Lord Bao

The Temple of Lord Bao is located in Kaifeng City in Henan Province, near the Lake of Lord Bao.

It was built in 1984 in order to commemorate the upright official Baozheng in Song Dynasty (960 ~ 1279A.D.), who loved his people deeply.

Occupying an area of 4000 square meters, the Temple of Lord Bao consists of some what ancient style buildings, such as the main hall, the extend hall, the side hall and so on. The main hall houses the bronze statue of Lord Bao.

Walls are surrounded depicting stories of the upright and considerate official of Lord Bao. They are stories of "Throwing Inkstone in Duanzhou" which manifests Bao's honesty. The Story of "Donations to the Victims of Natural disasters" which shows his compassion.

The story of "Impeaching Wangkui Seven Times" and "Settling Lawsuit in the Southern Court" which praises his equality and righteousness. The main hall also houses some of his tablet rubbings, manuscripts, instructions, essays as well as some cultural relics he once used.

The righteousness of the Lord Bao spread among people's mouth and touches deep into people's heart. This temple offers those who wish justice in their life and honesty always, express their wishes by burning incenses and offer prayers to Lord Bao. With the pleasant Lake of Lord Bao nearby, the temple has attracted numerous visitors since it was opened.


Lord Bao, ("Bao Zheng") (999~1062A.D.) was born in Hefei City, Anhui Province. Known as "Upright Magistrate" among the people, he was a famous for his integrity and righteousness. Because the upright and clean official seldom smiled, people said, "If Lord Bao smiled, the Yellow River would be clear".

According to the ancient legal system, people can not file for complaint directly to the court. However, Lord Bao granted permission to the innocents that they could come to the court and strike the drum directly (file for a complaint) if they wanted to redress an injustice.

Even the relatives of emperor who broke the law would be impartially punished. Therefore, nobody dared to break the law at that time. He was successively appointed as inspecting censor, magistrate of Jiangling County, magistrate of Kaifeng district and the surrounding areas. His deeds were wide spread among the people and cast in many films, movies, novels, and TV programs.