Hubei Yichang Three Gorges Dam Project, China

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Three Gorges Dam Project

The Three Gorges Dam Project, the greatest hydropower construction scheme in the world, is taking place in Sandu Ping, Yichang City in Hubei Province.

The project was designed in 1993, and took place on December 12 the following year, this dam will change the flowing way of Yangtze River in order to develop the resources. The completion of river diversion channel took placed in 1997, the construction estimated to be finish in 2009. This world largest hydropower project will join the Great Wall, and become another magnificent project in China.

The Three Gorges Dam will be 185 meters high, 253 meters in width and 640 kilometers long. The construction areas are equivalent to the areas of the Los Angeles County of the United States.

The dam will have 26 power generators will turn out 18,200 megawatts of electricity, more than any other hydropower station in the world, it will supply about ten percent of the energy that the country needs. This will solve the energy shortage problems of center and eastern China.

Some said that more than 40 years ago, Chairman Mao and Prime Minister Zhou Enlai made up the decision to explore the sources when they visit the Three Gorges. During the trip, Chairman Mao wrote a poem, which said that the project would give the world a good surprise.

Many experts estimate when project finished, the water lever will be a hundred meters higher than current level, the surrounding area's environment will be alter permanently.

Many historical sites would disappear forever. For instance, the Fengdu Ghost Town will become a ghost island. Shibao Zhai will become a chamber standing in the water. Zhang Fei Temple will be removed, river will submerge the Fengjie and the Baidi Cheng will become a lonely island.

The Three Gorges may lose its beauty, for Kueimen ("Gate Kui") may no longer be magnificent and the Xiling Gorge may be much quieter. Because of the higher water level, many people have to move away from the land that they live for many generations.

However, many experts believe when this 36 miles long and 525 feet deep reservoir is accomplished, great many new wonderful views will appear and become new tourist attractions, like the second and the third Qian Dao Lake.

In fact, the dam will not only solve the energy problems, but it will also help keep pace with China economic growth and provide great deals of economical profits. Yet the dam will make the up stream areas of Yangtze River develop more quickly.

The man made Yangtze River will attract many tourists from all over the world: someone will want to enjoy the beauty of the gorges and someone will want to witness the great change of the gorges.