Yunnan Tiger Jumping Gorge (Tiger Leaping Gorge), China

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Tiger Jumping Gorge

The Tiger Jumping Gorge (Tiger Leaping Gorge) lies between the snowcapped Jade Dragon Mountain and the Baba Mountain in west of Yunnan Province.

The tributary of the Jinshajiang River is flowing into the gorge with surging wave and it looks very grand. Legends say that there was a fierce tiger jumping over the huge stone in ancient times, so the name of the Tiger Jumping Gorge comes. It has the title of the biggest gorge in the world.

A cliff on one side of the Baha Mountain will lead you to the Tiger Jumping Gorge. You can walk and appreciate the scenery at the same time. You will find as if you entered a huge colorful gallery.

The further you walk the more particular scenery you will see; the last scenery is completely different from others. On the beautiful Jade Dragon and the Baha Mountains, there always capped with white snow as if two playing silver dragons were leading the road.

It is quite danger when you walk to the Tiger Jumping Gorge. There are high cliffs on both sides of the gorge. If you look up to the mountains from bottom of the gorge, you will see the flickering in the smoke and mist like two high heaven palaces.

The Tiger Jumping Gorge has three gorges - the upper, the middle, and the lower, every cliff are only 20 meters apart. The narrowest place is only 10 meters. There is a huge lying stone in the center of the three gorges.

Legends say that the Yunnan minority came here because of hunting and once saw a fierce tiger jumping over the huge stone in order to avoid hunters in ancient times. The name of the Tiger Jumping Gorge comes from this.

Among the Tiger Jumping Gorge, the most dangerous one is the middle gorge. On the left cliff, there is a man-made lane, which is over 30 meters away from the surface of the river. If you walk on this lane, you will feel like squatting by the tiger's mouth.

The waterfalls of different appearances are everywhere inside the gorge. Some are like old man's beard. Some are like the white scarf, symbolized respect meaning in Tibetan Buddhism. Some are like the Milky Way.

Visitors often jump back and forth in front of the waterfalls and behind the waterfalls, like the character in the novel "Pilgrims to the West" Sunwukong, in and out the cascade cave. Nevertheless, there are thin crests in the gorges in the Tiger Jumping Gorge, walking in the Tiger Jumping Gorge, you must be very careful.

If you come to the Tiger Jumping Gorge after raining or in cloudy day, you will see different landscapes along the way. You will see the light mist from the bottom of the Jinshajiang River enveloped the entrance of the Tiger Jumping Gorge up and down. At this moment, the Jinshajiang River is like a yellow dragon strolling in the cloud and mist. This scenery is hard to see elsewhere.

There are all beautiful landscapes and astonishing places from the foot of the Haba Mountain into the Tiger Jumping Gorge, inside the gorge, on the road to and from the gorges and around the hillside. All those made it special to travel the Tiger Jumping Gorge (Tiger Leaping Gorge).