Jangsu Wuxi Turtle Head Park, China

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Turtle Head Park

The Turtle Head Park at west part of Chong Mountain is the famous scenic area of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, 18km from the downtown. It is the best location seeing Taihu Lake.

The Turtle Head Park is a peninsula, of which Taiho Lake surrounds three parts. The style of the park is as the head of a turtle therefore gets its name.

The Turtle Head Park set up in 1908, during Emperor Guangxu (1875-1909), Ch'ing Dynasty. The main scenic parts are the Paradise of Taihu Lake, the Spring Curves of the Turtle Head Park, the Scenic Area at Chong Mountain and so on.

Long Spring Bridge is the first scenic spot of the Turtle Head Park, separating Tai Lake into two parts. The two ends of the bridge are the banks, where are planted Japanese flowering cherries everywhere.

In every April, the Japanese flowering cherries are in blossom, which seems many pink clouds. Therefore, the banks called "the Bank of Flowering Cherries".

There is a poem related to the Turtle Head Park by famous modern poet, Guo Moruo: "Where owns the best scenery of Taihu Lake? It is just on the Turtle Head Park". The poem tells us that the best place to overlook Taihu Lake is at this park.

Considering so many places of interests at the Turtle Head Park, there are two famous scenic spots you cannot miss, the Tianyuan Pavilion and the Scenic Area at Chong Mountain. Do not miss the beautiful scenes when you step on the Tianyuan Pavilion. It‘s a happy surprise that you can even view 12 mountains on your east part, meanwhile overlook the Turtle Head Park and the Chong Mountain.

The Scenic Area at Chong Mountain is botanical garden, which contains four season parts, the spring garden, the summer garden, the autumn garden, and the winter garden. There plants many rare and ancient trees. It is very worth touring if you pay a visit to Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.