Chongqing Villa of Painter, China

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Villa of Painter

Villa of Painter is Located at No.24, Huachun, Hualong Bridge of Chongqing city.

At here beside the Jialing River, people can relax themselves, seeing good painting, drinking good tea, having a chat with friends, having a beautiful sight-seeing.

Villa of Painter an art organization run by professional painters of Chinese Artist Association, Sichuan Branch. In villa where rare flowers and trees such as plum, camphor trees, bamboo grooves, potted plants, a flower nursery and present beautiful scenes.

A garden with a rockery and a water pool in the middle attracts visitors' attention while by the riverside one can have a broad view of the Jialing River and the distant city center. There is also an open teahouse for relaxation.

To enjoy fine arts is the most magnificent thing in the Villa of Painter. There is a gallery in which shows the good paintings of painters. Here has gathered many nationally famous painters of consistent art practice in the past 30 years or so, they've created lots of outstanding art works, many of which have been awarded gold, silver and copper medals when displayed in the French Saloon Art Exhibition and exhibited in dozens of countries including US, Britain, Japan, Germany, India, Norway, Soviet Union and in major domestic art exhibitions.

Many of their paintings have been collected by the China National Art Gallery. Because of its distinct style, it is rather influential both at home and abroad.

Out of 5 houses in Villa of Painter, two are studios with separated rooms for painters, where visitors can either watch painters work or have academic exchange with them. Many foreign friends have visited with the Villa in the past few years, including some art association made a special trip to visit the Villa for learning and academic exchanges.