Ningxia Wutun Temple, China

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Wutun Temple

The Wutun Temple is located in the Tongren County of Huangnan Tibet Autonomous Region of Ningxia Province. It is 6 km northeast to Longwu Town. It is a temple of Lamaism and famous of mural.

It is said the Wu Tun Temple is not less than 300 years old, but the exact period of its built is hard to know today. The temple is a complex of Chinese and Tibet culture.

It has tow gardens, the up and the down ones. One is 1.5 km away from the other. There're Da Jing Hall and the Sakymuni Hall in the Up Garden. In the Down Garden, there're Da Jing Hall and Mi Le Buddha Hall.

Since the Wu Tun Village of Tong Ren County is the hometown of mural in Ningxia Province, there're lots of murals in the temple near the village. The painting materials came from colorful ores.

Though 300 years had past, the murals haven't lost any of their color. Most of them were painted on the clothes and hanged on the wall. If you see them carefully, you'll find lots of them were made in Ming and Qing Dynasty. The past time hasn't taken away their beauties.

It was counted by the local government of Tong Ren County in 1969. In the Wu Tun village, more than 90% the age over-twenty adults can paint mural. A lot of drawing giant of China had attracted by the murals of the village.

After they had seen and studied the murals, they drew a conclusion: each part of the murals is exquisite. Those murals are telling the stories of Buddhism, so there're not only special for Chinese painting and religion, but also be well known by those Asian countries which believe in Buddhism.