Jiangxi Nanchang Xiangshan Forest Park, China

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Xiangshan Forest Park

The Xiangshan Forest Park is situated at the bank of the Boyang Lake in north of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, 30 km apart from city. It is a paradise of migratory birds famous here and there.

Since the forestry center was established in Xiangshan, Jiangxi Province in 1964, the area of forest enlarges year after year.

Its geographical circumstances: at the bank of the Boyang Lake with luxuriant forest and fertile green grass attracts more and more migratory birds perch and multiply here, for many years it has formed a unique forest migratory bird landscape. It is certain that the Xianghshan Forest Park appears slowly.

The Xiangshan Forest Park covers an area of 250,000 mu. The kinds of migratory birds coming here to perch are numerous, among them the egret is the main. According to statistic, there are 15 kinds of egrets in the world, while there are as many as 12 kinds in Xiangshan.

The long-term protections of surroundings and birds are emphasized in the park, so there are as many as 800,000 egrets of many kinds flying here to perch and multiply from March in spring to October in autumn.

So several years ago, the Xiangshan Forest Park was entitled the migratory bird paradise with the largest area, the most egrets and the most complete kinds by World Natural Protection Mechanism.

Every morning in spring and autumn, you can hear the chatter of birds in the forest. The birds will fly away their lair to look for food. When the flocks of birds fly up from the surface of river and between the forest, they can hide the sun and sky immediately, the sound of wings scribes in the sky.

But in dusk, the flocks of birds fly back in the sunset, at this moment the whole forest is all white, you almost cannot see the braches. Such marvelous spectacle and beautiful scenery often let visitors who are personally on the scene acclaim it as the acme of perfection.