Qingdao Xiaoyu Shan (Xiaoyu Hill), China

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Xiaoyu Shan

The Xiaoyu Shan (Xiaoyu Hill) is located on the Fushan Que Road, Shinan District, Qingdao. It stands facing the sea and it is the most attractive scenic area in the seawater bath field of the Huiquan Bay.

With an area of 250,000 square meters, the Xiaoyu Shan has the elevation of 60 meters. There are full of luxuriant green trees everywhere on the hill and all kinds of western-style buildings with gardens built on the half way up the hill.

In 1984, a Xiaoyu Shan Park with Chinese traditional style was added to the hill. In the park, there is a 3-layer octagon construction. As high as 18 meters, it is the most unique construction in the park and it is the highest spot of the whole park -"the Lanchao Pavilion".

On the east and west two sides of the Lanchao Pavilion, one cool pavilion covered with green tiles is built respectively, the east is "the Yongcui Pavilion" and the west is "the Blue Wave Pavilion". A rectangle long corridor is built on the eastern platform, providing visitors to have a rest.

Many large-scale colored glaze paintings designed by Chinese technology and art college are inlayed on the corridor. The themes of these paintings are all mythology stories and folk tales, giving people gorgeous enjoyment and adding some mysterious colors to the Xiaoyu Shan.

The happiest thing of climbing the Xiaoyu Shan is watching distant scenery. Specially standing on the highest spot - the Lanchao Pavilion, you can take the scenery of the Qingdao Bay and the Huiquan Bay at a glance.

Looking towards west, you will see the bridges in the Qingdao Bay are lying in front of high buildings and large mansions. Towards north, the unique landscapes of red tiles and green trees in Qingdao are all under your eyes. The bright roofs with red tiles are like rows and rows of numbers under the sunshine, the high tip, cross and bell tower of Christian church are the most conspicuous constructions.

Now and then groups of white pigeons are flying among them and this let the scenery full of foreign sentiment. Then looking towards east, you will firstly see the broad seawater bath field and the distant arc coastline. Standing high places and seeing this scenery, you will feel another different feeling.

Since a long time ago, Qingdao is famous for its beautiful bays and graceful coastline. The magnificent and shining Huiquan Bay is one of them, while the Xiaoyu Shan is the most unique scenic spot in the Huiquan Bay. The Xiaoyu Shan and the Huiquan Bay are the best places you play tide and appreciate scenery.