Jinan Xingguo Temple, China

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Xingguo Temple

The Xingguo Temple is situated on the Thousand Buddha Hill of Jinan suburbs.

Famous for its wall carving Buddha statues, the Thousand Buddha Hill becomes the Buddhism resort in Shandong Province because of the grand and holy Xingguo Temple.

The Xingguo Temple was built in 627 and completed in 649, lasted for 22 years. Covering an area of 12,500 square meters, the whole temple was designed according to the mountain, lying east and facing west. It is 220 meters long.

The Xingguo Temple is divided into east and west two institutes. The west institute has the Great Buddha's Hall, the Heaven King Hall, the Depositary of Buddhist Texts and so forth six biggest main constructions, also has the Lectorium Hall, the Rear Hall and several monk's cells for living.

In the center of the Great Buddha's Hall the gold body statue of Sakyamuni is worshipped, on both sides are the soil standing statue of A Nan, Jiumolou, Mujianlian and A Nalvtuo and so on ten Buddha disciples.

The east institute is called "Lishan Institute" (the Thousand Buddha Hill was called Lishan earliest.), in the institute there mainly enshrined the Taishan Goddess blessing Shandong Province in mythology story and the Wenshu Bodhisattva bringing intelligence to people.

In the east institute of Huyemi, the Yilan Pavilion for rest was built there, on the big stone wall near the pavilion there is a square stone table, on the stone table there are three halls built in Ming and Qing Dynasties with Buddha statues hanging inside and several Buddha Bodhisattva enshrined.

On the southwest stone walls out of the temple, there carved the Buddhist scripture, covering an area of 15 square meters. The stone wall is more than 20 centimeters and the stone carving is one of the famous carvings in Ji'nan districts.

In the south of the west institute there is a large piece of cliffs, this is the famous Thousand Buddha Wall, in Tang Dynasty there were 100 Buddha statues on this wall, over 60 precious Buddha statues are preserved now.

Under the cliff, there are Dragon Springs, the Happiest and Qianlou three famous Buddha caves, inside there carved many wall Buddha carvings with different dimensions.

After the Xingguo Temple was completed in Tang Dynasty, since one thousand years the construction of red wall and green tiles, Buddha in the temple and wall Buddha carvings in the mountains and cliffs and stone caves form a grand Buddha world, become a Buddhist spot attracting many disciples and visitors.