Shanxi Xuanzhong Temple, China

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Xuanzhong Temple

Xuanzhong Temple is located in Jiaocheng county, 50 kilometres from Taiyuan city, Shanxi province.

It is the birthplace of Chinese Buddhism Jing Tu Zong and regarded as ancestral hall of Jing Tu Zong by Japanese Buddhist.

The area of Xuanzong Temple is 6000 square metres. As it was built in stone hills, north west of Jiao-cheng county, its biggest characteristics is to have stone as walls around.

The main body of pagoda is made with wooden material, the whole temple is surrounded with 1000 years'old cypress, red walls, green tile and green trees set one another off. Now and then, people can hear of bell sound from the temple and streams between mountain. So, here form a quiet tourism Holy land.

Xuanzhong temple was built in 2nd year of Yanxing, Beiwei Dynasty (427 A.D.). Its main buildings included Wanfo hall, West-east compound hall, Shanfa hall etc, which were destroyed by fire during years of Tongzhi and Guangxu in Qing Dynasty, only Qianfo pavilion was left over.

Chinese government began to rebuild the temple in 1955, rebuilt 5 Shanfa halls, 5 Wanfo halls in order to let the birthplace of Chinese Buddhism Jingtuzong recover its previous grand occasion.

They added 3 pavilions to Qianfo pavilion, and built 5 west-east-compound halls, upturned eaves, Dougong, carved beams and painted rafters, coloured painting walls and pillars, lattice flowers decoration.

There enshrined wooden carving Buddha statues with living medel in every hall, so,it looked golden light dazzing. Thus, Xuanzong temple after rebuilding appears very magnificant. There built an octagon white Qiurong Pagoda with two storeyes on the mountain top east of the temple, the eaves fled outward, the pogado body was made with wooden material and the pogado foundation with brick.

There were Buddha statues in middle of pogado such as wooden carving Buddha statue, clay sculpture Buddha statue, iron casting Buddha statue, add up to about 70 statues.

Because Taiyuan city of Shanxi province is in temperate continental monsoon climat zoon, temperature change greatly especially in Spring, Summer and Fall, dry and windy, but the climat in Xuanzhong Temple is very pleasant most of time as it is in the stone walls of mountain. What's more, it owns beautiful natural landscape of deep hill and peaceful valley, it is really an ideal spot for people to spend holiday in summer.