Jiujiang Xunyang Lou (Xunyang Pavilion), China

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Xunyang Lou (Xunyang Pavilion)

The Xunyang Lou (Xunyang Pavilion) is located near the Xunyang River northeast of Jiujiang. It is a simple and graceful ancient pavilion with carved beam and painted rafter.

Built in flourishing Tang Dynasty, the Xunyang Pavilion was a restaurant originally. It was repaired and rebuilt in Song Dynasty, now the pavilion people can see was rebuilt in 1986.

It is a construction imitated construction of Song Dynasty. As high as 21 meters, it covers an area of 1,800 square meters. Looking outside, you will see it has three floors but indeed it has four floors in it.

Long ago the horizontal inscribed board with three characters "Xun Yang Lou ", hung high on the beam, was written by the poet Su Dongpo in South Song Dynasty. The new horizontal inscribed board hung in 1986 was written by the chairman of Chinese Confucian Association Mr. Zhao Puchu.

The famous Xunyang Pavilion is related directly with Chinese famous historical novel "Shui Hu". The writer Shi Nai'an inscribed in this novel clearly - the hero Song Jiang wrote offensive poems drunkenly and this attracted a story of Jiangzhou. Jiangzhou is today's Jiujiang.

Let the novel elicit the Xunyang Pavilion and let the scenic spot contrast the famous book. This attracts people to notice it. Only this point has already let people produce beautiful and boundless thoughts to this ancient pavilion.

So the decoration of today's Xunyang Pavilion is regarded the contents of Shui Hu stories as its subject. On the large wall there inlayed large-scale porcelain paintings. Some are showing the beautiful landscapes of ancient Jiujiang, some are painted the plots in the book clearly such as the scenes that many men of Jiangzhou robbed of execution ground.

In display hall, the 108 porcelain statues on the Liangshan Mountain are enshrined with various appearances, true to life. Visitors will make sure these appearances of good men in this hall. Some visitors finish traveling the Xungyang Pavilion, they will look this widely-known book "Shui Hu" again however they read or didn't read before, reviewing the old and learning the new.

Including the charming of classical novel, the unique landscapes of the Xunyang Pavilion are also the attraction to the visitors. When you climb the 3rd floor and have an overlook, you will see that water, mist, cloud and fishing boat. This is really a beautiful picture and let you completely relaxed and happy.