Tibet Yamdrok-Tso Lake, China

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Yamdrok-Tso Lake

The Yamdrok-Tso Lake lies in the Langkazi County of Tibet.

The lakes and mountains here are bright and elegant, it created heavenly scenery in this area. There are over 60 lakes in the northern mountain of Himalayas and the best-known lake in this area is the Yamdrok-Tso Lake.

Its lake water is green and the average depth of water is 40 meters, the deepest is nearly 60 meters and the lake covers an area of 649 square kilometers.

In the summer time, many wild birds often fly to the small islands in the middle of the lake to look for food. Many wild yellow ducks are trying to find food on the lake. Sometimes a group of wild geese and seabirds joint the ducks in the lake.

There are abounds delicious fishes in the lake and it attracts many Tibetan fishermen here. Due to the clear lake water, lots of time when the sunlight reflects on the fish scales, it seems as if there were many bright and beautiful gemstones in the lake. Perhaps it is many fishermen dreams to appreciate the big fishes in this beautiful nature scene.

There is a "Sangding Monastery" in the south of the Yamdrok-Tso Lake. This monastery is a magnificent structure. The unique female Buddha in Tibet named Duojipamu. She belongs to the White Communion of Tibetan Buddhism.

There are large grassland near the monastery, attracting many herding people come here with their flocks of ox and sheep. There is snow on the mountain all year, its white snowcapped over shadow onto the clear-water lake; the scenery looks like a postcard.

In the spring and summer time, wild ducks and geese gather here and stay by the lake as their homes. The monastery, high mountains, grasslands, and green lakes are all part of the beautiful scene of the Yamdrok-Tso Lake.