Xianyang Yang Mausoleum of Han Dynasty, China

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Yang Mausoleum of Han Dynasty

Situated in Xianyang city, Yang Mausoleum of Han Dynasty is the mausoleum of Liuqi who was the famous emperor in the Han dynasty in China.

Although his mausoleum was found incidentally, thousands of precious cultural relics such as terracotta warriors were uncovered from it.

Liuqi (188 ~ 141B.C) was the son of Liuhen. The Han dynasty was in its heydays under their domination and they contributed a lot to the development of social economy and culture in the Han dynasty. In 126B.C, after the empress of Liuqi was dead, she was also buried in the Yang Mausoleum.

The Yang Mausoleum of Han Dynasty was built in 153B.C when Liuqi was still alive. It was situated in the Yi Yang County and that's why it got its name ‘Yang'.

The mausoleum is 166.5m long from the east to the west, 155.4m wide from the north to the south, and 31.6m high. The empress' mausoleum is about 450m northeast to the main tomb, while more than 30 minor tombs are in the north and the east location.

The Yang Mausoleum of Han Dynasty was discovered at the construction site of Xianyang airport. Later the archaeology team uncovered a big tomb group consisting of 24 minor tombs of terracotta warriors.

Although the 6th and 8th pits were once robbed, more than 400 colorful terracotta warriors and colorful porcelains including copper and iron weapons, agricultural tools, dress decorations and currencies have been found ever since 1991.

Moreover, several wooden vehicles and terracotta warriors were uncovered from the 17th pit. All the terracotta warriors uncovered are naked males, whose hair, beard, eyebrows and eyes are all black, but the bodies are painted orange.

Additionally, there are large quantities of ceramic cattle, pigs, dogs, sheep, chicks and etc. According to the calculation, the number of terracotta works in the Yang Mausoleum has already reached several thousand, not to say other uncovered cultural relics that are mainly metal wares. It is really a marvellous scene you will never forget.