Shandong Yantai Mountain, China

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Yantai Mountain

Covering an area of 8 hectares, the Yantai Mountain is located north of Yantai, Shandong Province. With sea facing from 3 sides, it is a shield of the whole city. The name of Yantai city is coming mainly because of the Yantai Mountain.

Early in the Hongwu 31st year in Ming Dynasty in 1398, the people in Shandong Province built the Langyan Mound on the hill near the Bohai Sea in order to avoid the invasion of enemy. This is how the Yantai Mountain got its name.

To Qing Dynasty, the sea robbers harassed the coast districts frequently. The government of Qing Dynasty built a navigation lighthouse to strengthen defense. The lighthouse amplified the functions of watching and leading navy up to now.

After the People's Republic of China founded, people built a memorial pagoda to commemorate martyrs on the hill to show respect to martyrs in overthrowing rotten Man Qing revolution. The Yantai Mountain possessed the function of defense the Bohai Sea, so in Yuan Dynasty a Dragon King Temple was built on top of the mountain.

The common people pursuing a year of bumper harvest often came to burn incense to pray for blessing. There are a lot of luxuriant flowers and trees around the Dragon King Temple and many swallows come here to make nests, so in Qing Dynasty a stone carving written "Swallow Altar" was standing in front of the temple.

There is also a huge stone like a stone boat at the waist of the Yantai Mountain, carved "Create marvel" on it. On the slope in east of the mountain there is a "Re Lang Pavilion" and it is a good place to appreciate the landscape of sea and sunset clouds.

In fact, the Yantai Mountain itself is a large scenic area because there are several good scenic spots from foot of the mountain to the top.