Anhui Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huangshan), China

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Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huangshan)

Standing straight among the mountains in south of Anhui Province, the Yellow Mountain is well-known all over the world for its four scenic spots - pine forrest, strange stone, cloud sea and hot spring. It is one of famous mountains in China.

Covering an area of 154 square meters, the Yellow Mountain has 72 peaks with different dimensions. The three main peaks - the Lotus Peak, the Bright Summit Peak and the Tiandu Peak are all above 1,800 meters.

The main scenic spots of the Yellow Mountain start from hot spring, which is visitors' entertainment center of the Yellow Mountain.

Climbing up, you will see a lot of scenic spots: the Ciguang Pavilion between the thick forest and tall bamboo, and the Banshan Temple with quiet environment situated between the Laoren Peak and the Zhusha Peak.

Going to the top of the Tiandu Peak, you must pass a very long carp back which is the most dangerous "heaven ladder" ascending to the Tiandu Peak. You must hold cable to climb up because of the bottomless valley below.

1,810 meters high, the Tiandu Peak is the most dangerous peak among the three main peaks. On the top there are stone carvings such as "reach the summit", from where, looking up at the vast sky, you will see the grand mountain and majestic.

Viewing the beautiful poem-and-painting-alike scenery through your own eyes, it is not important how dangerous the course of climbing is.

It is best to climb from the road on the foot of the mountain to the "Wenshu Yard", another fantastic place with strange stone, strange peak and cloud sea. It was said that "One who did not see Wenshu Yard did not see the Yellow Mountain" in ancient times. Then along the mountain road to the "Yuping Building", there are steep rock slopes of tens of meters where you must be very careful.

Before arriving at the "Yuping Building", you will firstly see the "One Line Sky". It is a long and narrow lane between two peaks, only one person can pass through. If you look up to the sky, you will see the blue sky is in one line, this is how "One Line Sky" got its name.

After "One Line Sky", you will see three small stone peaks with different heights. The strange pines are standing straight on the peaks and it claims the title "three island in Penglai". Walking forward, you will get to the "Yuping Building", companioned with the strange pine, strange stone and cloud sea, the Yuping Building is declaimed to be the most beautiful place among the scenic spots of the Yellow Mountain.

From the Yuping Building, you can get to the Lotus Peak and Bright Summit Peak through the to the North Sea, you will pass many scenic spots such as the Putuan pine, rhinoceros watching the moon, ladder with hundreds of steps, old monk seeing the sea, turtle peak, sky sea and peach peak, all having their characteristics.

The pine forrest, which is one of the most beautiful scenery of the Yellow Mountain, is worth careful appreciating. The pines on the Yellow Mountain have short and thick needle leaves, the top is plat as if it was pared with a knife and its shape is strange.

Some pines grow from stone seams, strong and straight. There are famous pines such as greeting pines, lying dragon pines, black tiger pines, Qilin pines and Putuan pines.

At 1,600 meters high, the greeting pines in front of the Yuping Building are more than thousands of years with thick leaves, one of the symbol of the Yellow Mountain.

The other most beautiful scenery - strange peak and stone is the outstanding work left by the natural sculptor. Some look like human beings, some look like animals. The most famous strange stone is "monkey watching sea". This is a huge stone on the top of the lion peak as if a large monkey squating on the ground is appreciating the cloud sea with different scenery.

Other strange stones are "immortal playing chess", "rhinoceros watching moon", "gold cock calling heaven door" and "peacock playing lotus", not only vivid but also interesting.

On the Yellow Mountain, including the four scenic spots - pine forrest, strange stone, cloud sea and hot spring, there are many other precious flowers and trees that bloom all year round such as Chinese primroses, peach flower, pear flower, iris, plum blossom and orchid... countless and beautiful.

Several years ago, many lakes with different dimensions were found in the four valleys in the east of the Yellow Mountain. These lakes are not only very clear, but also rainbow appears there very often. The jadeite valley with lakes has already become the new scenic spot now, while the colorful pond is also regarded as the 5th scenic spot on the Yellow Mountain.

The Yellow Mountain is also one of the best places to view sunrise in the whole China.