Hangzhou Yue Fei Tomb, China

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Yue Fei Tomb

The Yue Fei Tomb lies at the foot of Rosy Cloud Hill right by West Lake in City of Hangzhou. It has been a famous scenic spot for hundreds of years.

The Yue Fei Tomb was built in the 14th year in Southern Song Dynasty (1221A.D.). Stepping into the tomb, you will find a gate-tower crowned by an imposing double-tier roof. On this gate-tower hung a huge tablet inscribed with the three characters of "Temple of Prince Yue".

With high wall and stone steps, the gate-tower is magnificent. Inside the gate-tower is a bluish flagged path that leads to the "Hall of the Loyal Martyr". Towering over the flagged stone path on both sides are alpine ancient trees.

In the middle of Hall of the Loyal Martyr is the sculpture of Yue Fei. In purple robe with boas' designs and a sword in the right hand, the sculpture looks most dignified and imposing. Its manner makes visitors recall Yue Fei's heroic bearing, which could command the wind and the clouds in the battles.

Over the image of Yue Fei a tablet inscribed with "Restore Our Lost Land", written personally by Yue Fei. The handwriting is strong and forceful. To the left and the right of the board are "Righteous Blood and Loyal Heart" and "Imperishable Noble Spirit." The words call forth in the visitors a feeling of profound respect.

The tomb of Yue Fei is in the west of the temple. On both sides of the road are galleries in which inscribed tablets are on display. In the northern gallery, tablets inscribed with Yue Fei's poems and his memorials to emperor.

While in the southern one are tablets inscribed with poems composed by famous people in all successive dynasties, when they came and paid their respects to Yue Fei and also short accounts of the renovation or rebuilding of the temple. They tell visitors about the heroic deeds of Yue Fei.

Before Yue Fei's tomb are four cast-iron figures, two on the left and two on the right. With chests bear and hands bound behind their backs, they face the tomb with heads bent low. These are representations of the four responsible for the murder of Yue Fei. They were casts for people to beat and spat.

People said because too many visitors beat and spat on the first bronze-cast figure its been damaged. Later another images cast in iron and were damage again.

West Lake abounds not only with beautiful scenery but also with rich history. At the foot of the green hills near the lake were buried many loyal officials and righteous men in history. Yue Fei, the renowned general in Southern Song Dynasty, is the most famous one among them.

The moving deeds of heroes shine mutually with the wonderful sights of Hangzhou, the paradise on earth. They combine and attract a large number of tourists who come here to cherish the memory of history and admire the scenery.