Guangzhou Yue Xiu Park (Yuexiu Park), China

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Yue Xiu Park

Yue Xiu Park (Yuexiu Park) is the biggest park in Guangzhou.

It lies on Mountain Yue Xiu and other six little mountains. The park has five man-made lakes. There are a great many beautiful views and historical relics in the park . It is a large comprehensive park with a long history in Guangzhou.

From the records of the history book that the communication between Baiyue (tribe from south of Qinlin Mountain) and Chu (people from Center China) began at 826B.C., the 8th year of King Zhouyi. A lot of Chu moved to Guangzhou at that time and built a small town.

Later, more and more Baiyue came to the place and got on well with Chu. Chu made a great many constructions and the scale of the town became bigger. Later it looked like a city and people called it Chuting ("pavilion of Chu"). This is the oldest name of Guangzhou.

Today, there is a stone tablet besides the Zhongshan Monument on Yue Xiu Mountain. The tablet says "here was the ancient city Chuting".

Besides the beautiful views, some other important scenic spots have attracted great many tourists. The Five Rams Statue, the River View Pagoda of Ming Dynasty, the Tomb of King Nanyue of Eastern Han, the Cannons of Ch'ing Dynasty.

Although increasingly modern constructions have appeared in Guangzhou these years, the antique park still attracts many local people to have sports and rests there. The ancient construction made this park a famous scenic spot and have visitors from all over the world.

If you want to travel around Guangzhou, Yue Xiu Park is a good place for you to know about the city - both today and yesterday.