Changbai Mountain Yuquan Hunting Ground, China

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Yuquan Hunting Ground, Changbai Mountain

Yuquan Hunting Ground is located on the west part of Zhang Guangcai ridge, Changbai Mountain, 62km away from Harbin, state capital of Heilongjiang Province. Presently, it is the largest confining hunting ground in China.

Yuquan Hunting Ground is a scenic area for hunting, with an area of 3,000 hectares. On its East Side, there is the natural resort area at Pine Peak Mountain

On the West Side is scenic area at Red Star Reservoir. The scenic area of Big Poplar Ridge lies the north of Yuquan Hunting Ground.

Did you know why there are so many wide life animals, birds for hunting? Did you ever see dozens kind of roe deer, Mongolian gazelles, rabbits, hedgehogs, spirals, pheasants? Did you hunt more than 1,000 species of artificial the red deer, sika deer? The Yuquan Hunting Ground is such a place.

With a total area of 3000 hectares, the hunting ground enjoys forest coverage of 80 percent and has seventeen peaks all over 3000m. Clean streams and rare plants can be found throughout the region, which is home to various specious of wildlife including goats, deer and rabbits.

Please remember to leave those Siberian Tigers alone.

Besides hunting, the resort also provides lodging in its uniquely designed traditional hunter's wooden domes, skiing, barbecue and horse riding.

Do you like going hunting? Is it exciting? If you are a hunting lover or if you enjoy the outdoor life or go camping, Yuquan Hunting Ground would be the best place. If you want to relax yourself, leave behind the urban life after getting tired under heavy workload, why not come to Yuquan Hunting Ground? Why not has a close look at lovely animals in the natural surrounding? You surely enjoy yourself with high mountains and rivers, forests and Champaign!