Nanjing Zhan Yuan Garden, China

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Zhan Yuan Garden

The Zhan Yuan Garden (Zhan Garden) is located on No. 128 Zhan Yuan Road, beside Fu Zi Temple of Nanjing. It is a nice mini garden of South China. Qian Long of Qing Dynasty liked it very much.

The Zhan Yuan Garden was built in Yuan Dynasty and is more than 600 years old. It was the house of King Wu Wang during the last few years of Yuan Dynasty.

In early Ming Dynasty, King Zhu Yuan Zhang gave the garden to the great general Xu Da as an award, so it was call Xu Fu. During the uprising of Tai Ping Tian Guo, it was destroyed. But in the middle times of Qing Dynasty, it had been rebuilt.

Among the gardens of South China, the Zhan Yuan Garden is a little mini. The whole area of the garden is 8 mu, among the 8, there're 3.7 mu of rockery. There're 18 different scenes in the garden: long bamboo, green woods, garden hills and water, strange stones and so on.

All the beautiful scenes make the garden to be the top among the South China gardens. Each part of the garden were carefully designed and landed in order. Though the rockery, the pool, the constructions, the path, the flowers and trees look pretty different, when they're put together, you can find the beauty of their complex in the garden.

The rockery and pool in the south and north of the garden look really different. The southern rockery are grand and the northern one are exquisite. The main constructions of the garden are: the Yu Lan Garden, the Hai Tang Yuan, the Hua Lan Hall and the Jing Miao Hall.

The Jing Miao Hall is very special, for it is a hall with tow room beside the pool. In the hall, there're exquisite ancient chairs and desks, paintings and calligraphy on the wall. From the north of the hall, you can see the north views of the garden; from the south, you can see the south views of the garden.

In fact, whatever south or north, you would feel yourself traveling in a painting. It is not surprise king Qian Long would like the garden and wrote the two characters Zhan Yuan personally. You can see the horizontal inscribed board on the gate.

When Qian Long went back to Beijing, he asked people to built garden called Ru Yuan Garden looked just like the Zhan Yuan Garden. So, he could enjoy the South China garden whenever he wanted.

For the uprising of Tai Ping Tian Guo once settled its capital in Nangjing, its Eastern King Yang Xiuqing lived in Zhan Yuan Garden. In 1958, the garden was rebuilt as the Museum of Tai Ping Tian Guo. In the garden, you'll see more than 400 valuable historic relics of Tai Ping Tian Guo. Beautiful views and valuable relics made the garden an attraction spot.