Qingdao Zhangba Buddha, China

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Zhangba Buddha

The Zhangba Buddha is situated in the courtyard of the museum of Qingdao City in Shandong Province.

Coordinated with two ancient Chinese stone carved Buddha nearby, it is a rare ancient artistic treasure in China.

As high as 5.85 meters, the two Zhangba Buddha are about 30 tons. Its shape is the origin of its name, the right hand stretches forward, the left hand droops down, the face is very thin with smile as if it were speaking scriptures to people and it is standing a square stone lotus seat bare-footedly.

There are two Bodhisattva stone statues with 3 meters high on its both sides, with necklace, long clothes binding the body and in the right hand is peach shaped ring thing. The modeling of these four Buddha is very beautiful, the sculpture is exquisite and the appearance is auspicious and happy.

According to texture criticism of Buddhism artistic experts, the big Buddha was built in North Wei Years and little Buddha was built in North Qi and North Zhou Dynasty, they all have more than 1,400 years' history.

In Qingdao, the Taoism temples are very common, the Zhangba Buddha is Buddhism cultural relics with very high artistic value. If you visit the Museum of Qingdao City, don't forget to come to the courtyard to appreciate the Zhangba Buddha.