Qingdao Zhanqiao (Zhanqiao Pier, Zhanqiao Bridge) and Huilan Pavilion, China

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Zhanqiao and Huilan Pavilion

The Zhanqiao (Zhanqiao Pier, Zhanqiao Bridge) and huilan pavilion is located at seashore, the south tip of Zhongshan road, Qingdao City.

With a great reputation "Long Rainbow Stretch Far", it is in a line with the most noisy road - Zhongshan Road and stretches from the seashore to the vast sea.

The 440-memter-long and 10-meter-wide Zhanqiao was built in 1891, the 17th year in the reign of Emperor Guangxu in Qing Dynasty. It was renovated in 1931 and it is a sign building of Qingdao City.

The northern part of Zhanqiao was made of stone and the southern steel and cement. With lamp pillar standing on both sides, the bridge is surrounded by half-hanged iron guard railings. The south tip stretches to sea. An antique octagonal two-storyed pavilion called Huilan Pavilion (Huilan Ge) was built there.

In order to protect it, they built a hemisphere breakwater beside the pavilion. When the sea wave rush to the bank, the breakwater hampers it to where it come naturally. This is why the Huilan Pavilion (Huilan Ge) get its name.

After you go up along the aspirial staircases in the pavilion, you can ascend the top of the pavilion and have a far view into the blue sea in Jiaozhou Bay, the shadow of tower and the green Qingdao City. The islets are dotted here and there.

Sea and sky unify into a whole. The sailing fish boat is driving to the deep of the sea and the trees and flower is verdant. All these present a beautiful picture. It is the first Scenery among the ten famous Sceneries in Qingdao.

With a white lamp tower, the scenery of the islet is very beautiful. At the north tip of Zhanqiao along the seashore, you will find Zhanqiao Park. The grass is green. Flower corridor and pavilion is rather beautiful. All these combine into a "Zhanqiao and Huilan Pavilion Scenery Zone".