Harbin Zhaolin Park, China

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Zhaolin Park

Famous for its ice carving art all over the world, the Zhaolin Park lies in the Daoli Prefecture in Harbin City. The Ice Carving Festival attracted a large number of visitors from home and abroad in Harbin every year take place here.

Covering an area of 70,000 square meters, the Zhaolin Park also called the Daoli Park. In August, 1946, 800,000 Harbin people went here to commemorate publicly the hero - Li Zhaolin general in the War of Resistance against Japan to thank him for resisting Japan and fighting countless guerillas to defend northeast regions for a long time.

The tomb of Zhaolin general is in the north of the park, from then on people changed the name and called it "the Zhaolin Park".

There are many modern facilities such as fountain, rocks, flower bed, amusement ground, ice skating rink, children's paradise, golden fish hall and flower and bird garden, having full relaxing and amusing worth.

In the park planted the four season flowers and trees. The scenery of spring, summer, autumn and winter all have its own character, especially in cold winter, the colder, the more visitors come here to appreciate "snow trees and ice flowers".

The famous Ice Lantern exhibitions take place in the Zhaolin Park every winter. The Harbin common people and ice-carving artists create all kinds of ice-carving works. Every year such as the ice tower, ice bridge, ice long corridor and ice pavilion and building and even the 12-year cycles are made with large ice.

They even create on the frozen river surface or lake surface, once they created the West Lake in Hangzhou and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing and so forth and showed to all the visitors on the Ice Carving Festival. They decorated with lanterns and lamp pipes and there are colorful all kinds of ice lanterns everywhere, if you are there, you will feel like entering a colorful crystal world.