Zhengzhou City God Temple, China

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City God Temple in Zhengzhou

The City God Temple in Zhengzhou is located north of the Shang Cheng Road in Zhengzhou. It is a famous ancient construction in Zhengzhou.

Built in early year of Ming Dynasty, the City God Temple in Zhengzhou was rebuilt in 1501. After repaired for several times, it is still kept perfect now.

The City God Temple lies north and faces south and has the mountain gate, the front hall, the Happy Building, the Big Hall and sleeping palace and etc. constructions. The halls and palaces are all covered with glazed tiles and the modeling is very fine.

The chief construction "The Big Hall" is carved mythical wild animal and auspicious ancient animals on both ends of the ridges. On both sides of the hall there carved several huge dragons decorated with phoenix and peony.

On the wall inside the hall there carved straight pines and emerald cypresses, figures, birds and animals and mythology stories such as the Eight Immortals crossing the sea. The pattern is very fine and beautiful. While the Happy Building is 15 meters high, on the ridge there carved several swimming dragons companioned with dancing phoenix, lotus and lion, very lively.

In addition, there are still a lot of tablets of famous people in the City God Temple. Among them, the most famous is the two cursive stone tablets of the calligrapher in Ming Dynasty named Zhang Da You, carved four characters "Happy Praise" and "Longevity Praise" respectively.

The handwriting is strong, straight and pretty and it is the outstanding works among Chinese calligraphies. The cursive stone tablet is also rare ancient relic.

So if you travel the City God Temple in Zhengzhou, you can not only appreciate fine ancient constructions, but also can appreciate calligraphy and carving arts.