Henan Zhongyue Temple, China

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Zhongyue Temple at Song Mountain

Zhongyue Temple at the foot of Huanggai hill, Song Mountain, Henan Province is presently the best kept and the largest ancient buildings among the five major mountains in China.

Zhongyue Temple at Song Mountain covers an area of 100, 000 square meters, which was set up in Han Dynasty (206BC-25AD). The existent Zhongyue Temple owns 4,00 halls, which is magnificent and solemn.

The temple was rebuilt during Emperor Qianlong (1736-1796), Ch'ing Dynasty, followed same design and architect style of Forbidden City in Beijing.

Three hundred meters away from Zhongyue Temple, there is the Taishi Que, symbolized the main gate of the temple. Built in Han Dynasty, Taishi Que is made up of stones and could separates into the west and east parts, which is very valuable.

There are 11 main buildings, of which the most famous and splendid one is Junji Hall (the Grand Hall of Zhongyue Temple). Junji Hall covers an area of 920 square meters and the height of 20 m, which is like Hall of Supreme Harmony at Forbidden City, Beijing.

More than 100 stone tablets are located along 600 meters, of which the most well known is the stele by famous Taoist monk, Kou qian in Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534AD).

Zhongyue Temple is not only scenic spot. Shaolin Temple, Songyang Academy, and the Pagoda of Songyue Temple are all word famous places of interests.

Planets Viewing Station is the observatory in Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), the oldest in China and ranks high position in the world's astronomical history.

Song Mountain is one of 5 famous mountains in China. The Zhongyue Temple stands on Song Mountain for 2,000 years. Its long history and ancient 300 trees from Han Dynasty to Song Dynasty attract more tourists.