Zhongshan Fort, Tibet China

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Zongshan Fort

The Zhongshan Fort Ruin of Resisting British Army is located on Zhongshan Mountain in Jiangzi County in Rear Tibet. It used to be an ancient castle where the Tibetans bravely fought the British army's invasion a century ago. In 1961, it became the important preservation unit of cultural relic in China.

From the time when the Allied Forces of Eight Countries invaded China in the 30th year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu in Ch'ing Dynasty (1904A.D.), every imperialist countries came successfully to China to establish it's hegemony. The British army wanted to occupy the paradise—Tibet, which regarded as Shangri-La in China. At that time, in order to guard their homeland, the Tibetans spontaneously organized the army to resist the aggression of the British army. The Tibetan army once constructed forts and other defenses on the high mountain—Zhongshan.

At the beginning of February 1904, the British aggressive troops attacked Jiangzi County. They intended to seize it and occupy Lhasa directly. The Tibetan army rose to fight them bravely and the war last for two months. At the end, the British troops captured Jiangzi County in April. At the beginning of May, with their backward weapons, the patriotic Tibetan soldiers and local people in high fighting spirits defeated the well-equipped British army and regained the Jiangzi Fort. They further assaulted the British army and surrounded them for more than one month. While the war was going on, the British army reinforced its strength. In face of danger, the Tibetans stuck to guard Zhongshan Fort and fought bravely without retreat. When the British army knew that the Tibetans were running out of ammunition and food supplies, they rushed to the mountain. The Tibetan soldiers on the Zhongshan Fort had to fight the aggressors with bare hands. Tibetan soldiers were hopelessly outnumbered. They then jumped off the steep cliff and sacrificed heroically.

The patriotic deeds that the Tibetan soldiers stuck to fight against the enemy spread widely in Tibet. This event became a relish in Tibet, recorded in many local documents for years. Since that time, the Zhongshan Fort Ruin in Jiangzi County has been well preserved. Now it is the most completed castle preserved in Tibet at present. One thousand boils and a hundred holes in the broken walls of the ruin told the world the crimes that the imperialists committed. They intruded into other's peaceful homeland and slaughtered the innocents only in order to expand their hegemony.

When you tour Jiangzi County, pay a visit to the Zhongshan Fort Ruin of Resisting British Army, which is symbolic of the patriotism of the Tibetan people. You can also get to know Tibet from different angles.