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Guang Zhou

Guang Zhou (Guangzhou) is located in north of Zhu Jiang Triangles Shoal. It is the politics, economy and culture center of Guangdong Province and strides across both sides of Zhu Jiang River.

The area of the city is more than 7,400 square kilometers. The urban district is more than 120 square kilometers and there are more than 3,300,000 people live in the city.

Guang Zhou is a city with a long history. It was built in 862 B.C., the year when King Zhou Yi Wang was alive, which was more than 2,800 years ago. The city has other two names: Rams City and Ears of Rice City.

It is said that a long time ago, there were five supermen lived above the Southern Sea of China. One day, they ridden to Guang Zhou on five colorful goats, each goat had ears of rice in mouth. The supermen left the ears of rice for the local people and prayed the city would never get famine. The five goats they left became stone later and the city were named Goat City since then.

Because of the pleasant climate, you can find many flowers in the city through out the year, so they also called it Flower City. Every Spring Festival, there is a special flower market to welcome the coming of the spring in the city. During that time, you will find the street became the ocean of flowers and many lights and tourists will appear in the street at night. You may have a deep impression of this, but you are not the first, this beautiful ancient market has long attracted great many visitors.

Guang Zhou is also a modern city with lots of travel source. The local economy has grown a great deal since the Reform and Opening Policy was put into practice. The extending of the city is rapid, and today, the city can reach north to Mt. Bai Yun, northeast to Sha He Town and east to Heavenly Lake.

You can find modern skyscrapers everywhere, for instance, the Center of World Economy built in 1990s and the National Economy Mansion of Guang Dong which is 198 meters high with 63 floors. Those constructions made the city become a modern city with lots of travel resource.

There are also many parks of tropics, cemeteries of famous people and ancient temples in the city.

Attractions of Guang Zhou

Dr Sun Yat-Sen's Memorial Hall
Chen Clan Temple
Six Banian Temple
Yue Xiu Park
Qingping Free Market