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Suzhou is located south of Jiangsu Province near the Taihu Lake.

Its north side is facing the Yangtze River. With many famous mountains and beautiful scenery such as Tianping, Lingyan and Tongting, it deserves the beautiful title of "up has paradise, down has Suzhou and Hangzhou" from ancient times.

"Up has paradise, down has Suzhou and Hangzhou" is a common saying prevailing up to now, praising the beautiful scenery, the remarkable place and outstanding people in Suzhou and Hangzhou.

Here we talk about Suzhou, why its scenery can deserve the title and can compare with the paradise and attract many writers and painters hailing for it and contend to go to visit it? It must have its special part.

Suzhou is facing the Taihu Lake in south and facing the Yangtze River in north. With indistinct green mountains and clear green rivers, it is like many alluring pictures with beautiful scenery. The unique geographical position which is against mountains and near rivers is called "a precious place" from ancient times. The Wu country in Three Kingdoms founded its capital in this place.

The mountains and rivers are bestowed by nature, while the Suzhou people use rockery, ponds, flowers and trees cleverly and hide the natural scenery into their own private gardens. So from ancient times people create green and vivid gardens on the basic of natural scenery, Suzhou is the best in China.

There is a saying that "gardens in South of the Yangtze River is the best, gardens in Suzhou is the best in South of the Yangtze River". Allegedly there are more than 200 famous gardens in Qing Dynasty, now gardens with different dimensions spread all over Suzhou. People can appreciate the clever combination of ancient people's artistic creations and natural scenery.

Including gardens, the ancient city Suzhou has accumulated very deep culture traditions and form the urban style and feature different from others. From the crisscross rivers and lanes in Suzhou city to the riverside families in ancient suburban towns of Zhouzhuang and Tongli, everywhere appears the characteristics "family in little bridge and flowing water". Walking in it, you will feel like into an elegant painting.

After traveling the mountains and gardens, you cannot miss the food of Suzhou absolutely, the food of Suzhou is one of ten courses in China. The old restaurants for about hundreds of years such as the Moon Building and the Crane Building on the Guanqian Street in Suzhou are the places you must reach.

Only hearing the titles with dense poetic feelings, you have already opened the appetite. After having the courses of Suzhou, we suggest you stroll the Suzhou town. As you appreciate the historic sites, you can have a look at the "Caizhi Zhai" which is famous for its pastry and snack, the various candies and pastries in Caizhi Zhai are famous in South of the Yangtze River, always letting people keep a covetous eye on it.

Then you can select some silks and embroideries in old shops on Guanqian Street, they are good gifts and collected things. These have become the certain things when visitors come to Suzhou.

Suzhou is always the place that people and cultures are assembling. The arts become newer and newer following the changes of time, which is talked widely by the people. In drawing, calligraphy, embroidery, Chinese folk art forms, plays and etc., masters come forth in large numbers and great reputation is far spread, owning an important position on artistic history in China.

Speaking too more is only skimming over the surface. The beauty of Suzhou is like the tea called "Bilouchun" that the local people like to drink, they both need you to taste slowly.

Lingering Garden
Garden of the Humble Administrator
Garden of Master Nets
Lion Garden
Surfing Wave Garden
Tiger Hill
Hanshan Temple
North Pagoda
Water City Gate
Old Town Tongli