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Chengdu: A Great Town To Spend A Few Days In

When I was in China, I went to Chengdu three times and I must say it is a great place to spend a few days. Most people spend a little time in Chengdu if they are going to Tibet. So if you are in Chengdu for a few days here a few things I would suggest checking out.

1. Check out the street vendors. If you see street vendors selling food on sticks, buy it. It is called sow-cow and its great. Its also really unhealthy I am sure.

2. Go to Paul's cafe. Its right across the river from the traffic hotel. He is a great guy. Its a good place to play a game of darts, listen to some music, and drink a beer. This place is a traveler's haven. Its a great place to talk to people coming back or going to Tibet too.

3. Chengdu is one of the few towns with an American Consulate, so if you need to do stuff with that, do it here.

4. Hotpot (huoguo in Chinese). Its a Sichuan delicacy. Don't be afraid to try a little. Some of the stuff they put in it might be questionable, but give it a try anyway.

Overall Chengdu has the advantage of being a modern day city. It has five-star hotels, great resturants. At the same time it has rinky-dink shops, cheap hotels, great bars, and an awesome night life. It doesn't suffer from as much pollution as Chongqing and also is not as noisy.

Story Courtesy to Schermans

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