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Enter The Dragon

"Dragon's tail gets bigger, better and best..."

Communist ruled countries do tend to get overboard with extensive rules and regulation but they give equal power to all the people. Though on some cases it does tend to become too much which results in their downfall.

The biggest examples of downfall have been Russia. Though Russia has been a great super power and their communist regime was well known throughout the world.

There is one country which has been an inspiration for many communist country to have rules and regulations as well as extensive growth.


History is written on walls of China...

China has been the only country where you have a unique amalgamation of modern and ancient civilization. Till date we can find all the ancient records intact in the modern china.

Chinese people believe that their past has very good impact on their future and they always preserve their ancient things with as much safety as their present being. Though Mongolian era has always been the part and parcel of this country. The day when the great Genghis Khan ruled this part of the world and with his power spread his kingdom from Korea to Hungary. He was the most feared king and was known as "Emperor of Emperor".

The Great Wall of China was built by the first dynasty and has been built and rebuilt number of times. It is the greatest wonder and an engineering feat, which till date has never been reworked by anyone. It is the only man made structure which can bee seen from the space. Amazing!!!

All that counts is the chair and the government...

China is administratively divided into 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 centrally administrative municipalities and 1 special administrative region. Municipalities are directly under the administration of central government. A municipality has the same political, economical and jurisdictional rights as a province.

China is one country, which has not been bitten by corruption bug and red tapisim. If anyone is caught taking bribe is being given severe punishment. All nationalities in China are equal, as stipulated by the Constitution of the People's Republic of China; they take part in the administration of state affairs as equals, irrespective of their numbers or the size of areas they inhabit.

Every minority nationality is represented in the National People's Congress, which is the highest organ of state power of the People's Republic of China.

Being the most populated country in the world because of strict rules they have controlled the population in a well-deserved manner in the last 5 years. The birth rate has been controlled really well.

China is a multi-religious country. Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Protestantism, with the first three being more wide spread.

Food for thought...

Chinese foods have been relished all around the world. Even in India, you can find Chinese corners all over the place. You talk about the Soups or the Noodles or the Fried Rice or the Manchurians (Was it Tempting!!!). You are definitely going to enjoy the Vinegar filled food. Vinegar is the essence in all the Chinese Recipes. Though, personally I don't like Chinese foods because found it to Bland!

House above all...

In china still you will find the ancient architecture in the villages. Chinese villages are said to be very modern and have everything a urban person in India has. You can see lot of royal palaces, Buddhist temples, residential places which looks have the old world design. The change can be seen, with the place whether you are in the Northern Tip of China were snow covers the houses or going down south with the Yellow river you can see the small houses in corner to the bay. The different recreation architecture can bee seen with Pavilions & Pagodas. But modern cities like Bejing or Shanghai you can see high rises too.

Medicine for the martial arts...

Chinese old medicinal culture of Acupuncture is well known like our very own Ayurvedic. Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles, (sometimes in conjunction with electrical stimulus), on the body's surface, in order to influence physiological functioning of the body.

Chinese Martial Arts, KungFu, Taiji Quan and Qigong has been known world over. No one can forget Bruce Lee... Can you!!! The traditional Chinese Lion dance is usually part of festivities and it is believed to bring happiness and luck, if well performed. Lion is a holy animal and it is seen as a spirit that has its own place in Chinese Mythology. Its really brings colour and vibrancies to the Chinese Culture.

Games people play...

As said earlier, China is well known in Martial Arts, apart from that China has been ruling the Table tennis arena for a long time apart from that Chinese are known to be great swimmers.

Feng Shui...

Like in India we have the Vastu Shastra which determines the law and order of the nature which determines the location of your house, were certain items in your house to be kept. Feng Shui is an ancient art related to the law and order of the universe and the power of nature. It's a system based on the elements of astronomy, astrology, geology, physics, mathematics, philosophy, psychology and intuition.

FS is becoming popular all over the world and people are really getting in line with the art and the concept of Feng Shui, including ME!!!. Through the knowledge of Feng Shui, people are believed to be able to make themselves more compatible with nature, their surroundings and their own everyday life, so that they can make an impact on their finances, health, and emotions.

Facts about Dragon

The dragon symbolizes the Chinese people and the people from Chinese origin considered themselves, with a certain amount of pride, 'descendants from the dragon'. According to ancient texts the dragon was a creature 'with a pair of antlers like the one of a deer, a camel head, the eyes of a hare, and the neck of a serpent. Its belly looks like the one of a shen (a mythical water dragon that resembles a crocodile). Its claws look like the ones of an eagle, its paws like the ones of a tiger and its ears like the ones of a buffalo. Seems to be that the dragon is a supernatural creature that can accept any type of form. But till date still the facts and reality of dragon has not been found. Therefore the dragon is a product of imagination; a mystical creature that has been worshipped by the Chinese for centuries

I hope this was of some help for people who plan to enter the Dragon Kingdom.

Story Courtesy to Asyis

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