Nanchang Bada Shanren's Studio, Jiangxi China

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Bada Shanren's Studio

The Bada Shanren's Studio is located in south Nanchang, a city of Jiangxi Province. It is in the Taoism temple Qingyun Pu Pavilion. The studio is a famous place of art in Nanchang and also a quiet and tastefully laid out scenic spot.

The studio is in the Qingyun Pu Pavilion, a more than 2,500 years old Taoism temple. In the temple, there're towering old trees, quiet footpath with bamboo on both sides and beautiful gardens and pavilions. The famous painter of Qing Dynasty, Bada Shanren, once lived seclusion here and called the pavilion Qingyun Pu Pavilion.

Besides the ancient constructions, the studio has the treasured scrolls of calligraphy and paintings done by Bada Shanren and Niu Shihui. There're also tens of calligraphy and paintings done by later famous artists who had learned their style, for example, the paintings done by Qi Baishi and Wu Changshuo, famous painters of China Modern times.

A great many students of art had been to the studio, for they admire Bada Shanren very much. They came to the pavilion to see not only the paintings of Bada Shanren, but also his influence in the paintings done by later artists.