Guilin Camel Rock, China

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Camel Rock

The Camel Rock is near to the south of the Putuo Mountain in the Seven Star Park of Guilin. The Camel Rock looks like an Arabian camel, so it got its name.

There is a grotto with many stalactites in the park named "Seven Star Grotto"; this is why the park called "Seven Star Park". Besides the grotto, the Camel Rock and the Putuo Mountain in the center of the park are also famous scenic spots.

The Camel Rock not only looks like an Arabian camel, but also an ancient pot, so people also called it "Pot Hill". You can find this name carved on the south of the mountain. The hill got its reputation from the way it is form, but also the peach and sycamore trees around as well.

Every spring and summer, you will see the peach flowers become and ocean all around the hill. In autumn, the leaves of the sycamore trees give the hill a beautiful red cloth. When the sun falling down, you cannot tell the difference between the red leaves and the rosy clouds.

At that time, the only thing you can do is to wonder at the beauty of nature. If you are traveling around the Seven Star Park, do not miss the famous view of the Camel Rock - the Rosy Clouds of the Pot Hill. There are also zoos, gardens, and potted landscapes on the hill.

The Putuo Mountain is another important scenic spot of the park besides the Camel Rock. It has great many peaks that look like a giant screen from the top and a spiral from the bottom.

There are also lots of grottos at the waist so the mountain. Among the grottos, the Yuan Feng Grotto on the west of the mountain is a good place for escaping the heat of summer. On the other side of the mountain, there is Putuo Stone Forest, which has a great many strange stones.

There are so many beautiful scenes in the park. A hurry trip may give you many regrets. So, there is one suggestion: when you are climbing up the Putuo Mountain, do not forget to enjoy the beautiful views along the walk. In addition, you should have a look at the whole views of Guilin in the Zhaixing Pavilion, so you must climb up the highest peak of the mountain - the Tianji Peak. In the pavilion, the Cloud Ocean around the mountain and you can see the great flow way of Li River around the city.