Yunnan Dali Erhai Lake, China

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Erhai Lake

The Erhai Lake lies on the Tuanshan Mountain in north of Dali.

The unique natural scenery of the Cangshan Mountain and the Erhai Sea as the background and the unique natural environment of the Tuanshan Mountain with artificial ingenuity create this big park.

The water of the Erhai Sea is greenish, shining, and shines with the snow on the Cangshan Mountain mutually. It forms the beautiful landscape in Dali area - "the wind of Xiaguan, the flower of Shangguan, the snow of the Cangshan Mountain and the moon of the Erhai Sea".

Among these four scenes, the snow and the moon are the most fascinating and had a beautiful descriptions of "the silver Cangshan Mountain and the jade Erhai Sea" from ancient times. In addition, the Erhai Sea and the Cangshan Mountain create the beautiful Erhai Park.

The Erhai Park took the advantage of the rich nature surroundings, as the building base and is embellished and decorated with man-made scenes, covering an area of 1,150,000 square meters. Like the animals and plants in the great Hengduan Mountain area west of the Yunnan.

There are green pines and various flowers planted on the mountain such as the camellia, cuckoo, oriental cherry, and sweet-scented osmanthus of Burma. On the top of the mountain, there are pavilion, corridor, zoo, tea pub, restaurant, and so forth.

In Haidian area, there are hothouse garden, swimming pool and visitors' port, which are the good places for swimming and fishing.

Before you get to Dali, Yunnan to have a good travel, you may arrange daily schedule to catch all the emphasis. You can travel the Erhai Sea, the Cangshan Mountain, the Manfeilong Pagodas, the Cock Mountain, and the Lengyan Pagoda before traveling the Erhai Park. Every scene has its unique landscape.