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Fragrant Hills Park

The Fragrant Hill Park is located at the hillside of West Mountain. It is a famous park in Beijing with beautiful scenery and long history.

The Fragrant Hills Park is particularly popular for its late autumn scene when all the leaves of 90, 000 maple trees on the hill turn blazing red after the first frost and the scene is unforgettable.

The Fragrant Hill is like natural colorful brocade with green pines, persimmon trees. Since the ancient times, there are many poems related to the blazing red leaves on Fragrant Hill. The most famous poem is as following:

"The frost leaves on Fragrant Hill owns more color than the flowers in February."

Therefore, Fragrant Hills Park becomes more and more popular and is one of the famous scenic spots in Beijing.

Inside the park, you could see Luminous Temple (Zhaomiao), a Tibetan-style Monastery, which was set up in 1780. The Octagonal Glazed Tile Pagoda stands beside the temple. There are 8 bells hanging over 8 eaves, which make nice sounds. Turning north to the Chamber of Reviewing the Mind built in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), you come to Biyun Temple.

On the way to the temple, you will firstly visit Yuhua Villa, the major building in Fragrant Hills Park. Here, you could overlook the fantastic scenery around the hill. Especially when the sun sets, it presents a magnificent picture of the red sunset and the blazing red maples all around the hill.

As a matter of fact, the Fragrant Hills Park doesn't only present its beauty in late autumn. In other 3 seasons, you could also see the fantastic scenery at the Fragrant Hill. When spring comes, trees turn green and every creature becomes active.

In summer, flowers, both famous and unnamed, are in blossom. It also presents a beautiful picture in winter. Furthermore, Emperor Qianlong, Qing Dynasty, once paid a visit to Fragrant Hill and wrote down in Chinese characters: "Beauty of Fragrant Hill in Winter".

"Fragrant Hill in Winter" is one of the top 8 scenic spots of Beijing.

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