Kunming Grand View Pavilion, China

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Grand View Pavilion

The Grand View Pavilion lies near the Dianchi Lake about 3 kilometers away from west of Kunming City.

It has the title "the water pavilion with cloud and mountain" because it accompanied with the Dianchi Lake and the Taihua Mountain. Due to the Grand View Pavilion, the garden nearby gets the name of "Grand View Garden".

Nowadays the Grand View Garden is the most graceful garden in Kunming. The main construction of the garden is the Grand View Pavilion. After renovated for successive dynasties, it becomes remarkably magnificent.

Including the Grand View Pavilion, there are the wonderful "Lansheng Pavilion", the zigzag corridor of "Huaigu, "Cuigeng Gate", and "Mumeng Pavilion" next to water and flowers. It will bring you the feeling like - a poem replete with picture image. The flowers and the trees surrounded "The Yongyue Pavilion" and "the Guanjia Hall".

In October 1986, the Queen of England Elisabeth II once came to visit the Grand View Garden and planted a rose by herself in the flowerbed of the Guanjia Hall. Now those blooming roses added additional colors to the garden.

The fame of the Grand View Pavilion is not only for its charming scenery, but for also the world longest ancient antithetical couplet. Whoever visited the Grand View Pavilion and saw this couplet is all appreciated the content of the script.

Some say the Grand View Pavilion becomes more beautiful because of this couplet and is the couplet has multitudinous people to appreciate because it is in the Grand View Pavilion. We can say that they bring out the best in each other. Of course, the combination needs you to appreciate.