Jiayu Gateway Hanging Wall, Gansu China

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Hanging Wall

The Hanging Wall lies on the side of the Black hill, which is 8 km away north from the fort of Jiayu Gateway, Gansu Province as part of the Jiayu Gateway defense system where the Great Wall ends.

Built in the year of Jiajing 18th, Ming Dynasty (1539A.D.) with the original length of 1.5 km. Now there are only 750 meters remains. In addition, what is particular is a 231 meters long part built on the steep chine measuring750 meters high with an inclination of 45 degrees.

People reaching its foot will be astonished at its outstanding straight pose which is like a fighting giant against a cliff. Moreover, when they take a view in distance, it seems that the wall has just been suspend on the back and is trying its best to break up the strains. At last it has a part falling down and now locks the Stone Gateway's mouth. Sensitive tourist may immediately understand the name's origin from this view.

A poem has described the Ten-thousand-miles Great Wall, which starts from Laolongtou, Shanhai Gateway, and ends at the Jiayu Gateway, Gansu with those words:

"The Ten-thousand-miles Great Wall has ten-thousand-miles gateways in numerous dark mounts and on lots of precipitous cliffs."

The Great Wall winds its way of thousands of kilo miles from east to west, passing many mountains. Gateways were builds in the strategic places and soldiers garrisoned there to guard against enemy's invasion.

The Hanging Wall belongs to the Jiayu Gateway, and was the defense system against intruders in the ancient time. Therefore, it sits on a backbone of the cliffs and played an important role, this might prevent chances for enemy to get in and break through the integral defense structure.

Now as the ending gateway of the Great Wall, the Hanging Wall has become an attraction among many tourists in or out of China. Walking on the smooth segment of the top, you can find there real is not difference from a plain. However, like climbing steep cliffs, you will have to take greater efforts for the precipitous portion. Friends who enjoy climbing hills in the wild may fall in love with this ancient wonder as soon as take a first look.

In fact, visitors going to the grand Jiayu Gateway and the precipitous Hanging Wall can go on a tour to the famous City Jiuquan as well, which is 12 kilo miles away from Jiayu Gateway. The fresco tombs of the East Jin Dynasty, the Jiuquan County Museum and the Spring Lake Park are of special characteristics worth visiting as tourist attractions in Jiuquan.