Sichuan Huang Long Temple, China

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Huang Long Temple

Huang Long Temple ("Temple of The Yellow Dragon") is known as "place with heavenly scenery", located in Nanping County of Sichuan Province.

The Huang Long Temple is famous for its beautiful forest, its clear lakes and mountain springs. Recent year it became an attractive tourist spot in central China.

Xuebaoding the main peak of Min Mountain, ("5588m"), and Huanglong Gou ("Groove of the Yellow Dragon") are the attractions that tourists interested in. Huanglong Gou start from a bridge named Fuyuan Bridge. From this bridge to the the pond ("Zhuanhua Yu Chi") of Huang Long Si is 3.7 kilometers long and the total area is about 1 square kilometers.

The scenic spot has the largest stalagmite view in the world. There are many tourist attractions here, falls, caves, temples so on. Among them, there are three ponds are tourists' favorites.

Penjing Chi ("Pots Pond")

There are more than ten colorful pools in Penjing Chi. They consist of yellow lime rocks inside the pool, there are like small green trees standing at the bottom of the pool, under the sun the pools look like series of beautiful potted landscapes.

Shitazhen Hai Chi ("Pond Cluster")

Located at the top of the Huanglong Gou, near the town of Shita. There are over one hundred clear color pools, look like stairs line up against the hillside. The colors of those pools are different from one to another. This pond "city" will make you feel like walking into a fairy wonderland.

Zhuanhua Yu Chi ("Jade Pond")

Located at the foot of Yucui Peak, it is a little round pool. The spring comes out from the ground and become whirlpools. When the wind blows the flowers into the pool, they will turn around on the surface and floating away along the spring. This is why the pool called "the pond of spinning flowers".

Huang Long Temple

Located in Mt. Yucui at the foot of the ever snow Baoding Peak. Surround by forest, this temple was built in Ming Dynasty (1386 ~ 1644A.D.). It is an antique temple and there is a deep cave behind the structure. The cave ("Huanglong Dong") has three Buddha statues made of stone.

The temple fair took place on June 16th, of the lunar month each year. On that day, people of many different tribe, like Tibetan, Qiang, Hui, and Han etc., will gather here from all over, they will arrive day before and will setup tents outside the temple, this event create a special scenery.

The temple will have many visitors during the days of the fair. They come here to attend the Buddhism ceremonies. This event happen once a year, visit this area around this time of the year will bring you a great opportunity to learn more about the various culture and it people.