Beijing Laoshe Teahouse, China

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Beijing Laoshe Teahouse

Laoshe Teahouse is a unique place in Beijing showing the entertainments of old Beijing people in old times.

The Laoshe Teahouse was named after the famous writer - Mr. Laoshe.

"Remembering Past Times" is the management thought of the teahouse and "Reappearance of Traditional Folk Craft" is its style, so here has already been an ideal place in Beijing for foreigners to come as a guest and know about Chinese culture today.

Everyday visitors from various places around the world who like Chinese ancient cultures and arts come here to appreciate brilliant programs such as traditional opera, cross talk, two-man comic show and story-telling in Beijing dialect with drum accompaniment... By watching these, they can explore Chinese folk arts and amorous feelings.

Visitors from various places who go to the teahouse include important people like President Mr. Bush of United States, former United States Secretary of State Dr. Kissinger, Singapore Senior Minister Li Kuan Yew, and so on.

In such liveliness and noisy limited space with deafening sound of drums, everyone has a kettle of good tea, companied with several tasteful Beijing snacks, watching hard performances on the stage attentively. Is it the Chinese tastes of old times that foreigners are looking for?

What special attraction makes this little teahouse full of guests everyday, very lively and attracts many, many visitors from home and aboard to come here? Hope when you visit Beijing next time, go to the Laoshe Teahouse so you can feel and find the answers.

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