Yunnan Manfeilong Pagodas, China

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Manfeilong Pagodas

Inside the Menglong territory located in Jinghong County, there is a place called "Manfeilong", it means "Village of Banyan Grove". The Manfeilong Pagodas just lies on the hill of Manfeilong village.

The locals call it "Great White Dragon Tower", due to the composition of its white body and its gold color top.

Group of towers is consisting of one main tower and eight minor towers. Built on the octagon bedrock all of the nine towers, one minor tower on each corner, main tower in the center. The tower structure appears like nine huge bamboo shoots, so people also call it "Bamboo Shoots Tower".

With its unique construction and breath taken scenery around, the Moanfeilong Pagodas spread its fame through out the Southeast Asia. If you are in Yunnan, pay a visit to the towers, you will feel sorry if you do not. As Chinese said "traveler don't see white tower, his trip is unfruitful".

Soon after you enter the Manfeilong area, it bring you the oddity feeling of being in the middle of a green ocean, blue sky intertwine with tall, greenish Banyan trees clump on both sides of the highway.

Viewing the whole area from a distance, you will discover a picture of blue sky embellish with golden sun light flashes between the green leaves of Banyan trees. In this ocean of green trees there is golden lighthouse flashing now and then, that is the golden top of the Manfeilong Pagodas.

Passing rows and rows of density rubber forest and emerald bamboo forest, you will come to the tower. The white tower was build with bricks and stones. Except for the main tower, each minor tower has a shrine for idols or ancestral tablets.

Inside there is a shrine, each has a statue of Buddha make of white marble. On top of the shrine there is a sculptured phoenix and on both side of the door, there are two tinct flying dragons its contrast with the building is clear and the color is gorgeous. The entire building is splendid and fill with it own characteristic.

Some say if you stand before the tower and overlook the surrounding area. You can feel the towers are embraced by the green wave and it brings a feeling of "being dignify" and it bring comfort to your heart. Actually, to experience the view of this astonishing green ocean and the feeling it brings to you, you have to see it for yourself.