Shandong Zoucheng Mengzi Graveyard (Mencius Graveyard), China

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Mengzi Graveyard

The Mengzi Graveyard (Mencius Graveyard) is located at the west foot of the Xiji Mountain, northeast of Zoucheng, Shandong Province. It is the graveyard of Mengzi (Mencius) and his descendants.

Before entering the Mengzi Graveyard, you will see a 1,500-meter-long divine way. After crossing the tablet "Yasheng Forest", you will walk on a way paved with stone leading to the Xiangdian Hall directly. So-called "the Xiangdian Hall", it was a hall for offering sacrifices to gods or the dead spirits in emperor's graveyard.

There set up the Xiangdian Hall in the Mengzi Graveyard, meaning the respect to sages as respecting emperors. We can see from this that Mengzi is respected and recommended by Chinese emperors and common people like Confucius.

There are five rooms in Xiangdian Hall and the modeling is very simple. Behind the Xiangdian Hall, it is the graveyard of Mengzi. In front of the graveyard there is a huge tablet, carved characters "Yasheng Mengzi Graveyard" on it.

People planted many trees around the Xiangdian Hall and graveyard, flower and leaves are luxuriant with green shades, the environment is graceful and beautiful. Although here is a graveyard, it is a famous historic site attracting visitors.