Wuxi Plum Garden, China

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Plum Garden

The Plum Garden is one of the famous scenic spots in Wuxi, situated on east slope of the Mount Hu.

Originally, it was a private garden full of plums; later it was open door. Due to thousands of various plums planted in it, the name of this garden changed into "The Plum Garden".

When first entering the Plum Garden, you will see a huge stone standing in a conspicuous place of the entrance written "The Plum Garden Carved Stone". Is done by the former owner named Rongdesheng himself in 1917, about two meters high, 0.7 meters wide and about 1.5 ton weigh.

The Plum Garden mainly has the Tianxin Platform, the Xiangxue Sea, and the Niangqu Tower.

Behind the huge stone, there is a lake stone named "Stone Peak of the Taihu Lake". The exquisite stone peak is from the Taihu Lake and its appearance is very strange. The most attractive place of the stone peak is three peaks are joined together, lying north and facing south, the highest peak is about 2 meters high and its shape is eccentric.

If you look the stones carefully, you will find three characters "happiness, emolument and longevity", so the stone is called "the strangest stone in south of the Yangtze River" in Wuxi.

With about 3 meters high, another huge stone named "Mixiangyang Stone" is opposite to the strange stone. The whole stone possesses the four scenery efficiency naturally - lean, leak, wrinkle and penetration

There are 81 large holes on it, the large one can fit a fist and the little one only can hold a forefinger. Near the huge stone, there are several plums. The stone and the plum company mutually as if "stone is living for the plum, plum are more beautiful for the stone." "The red plum and strange stone" become the unique scenic spot in the Plum Garden.

Since the Plum Garden is located on the slope of the Mount Hu in Wuxi, the main layout is the plum flowers planted according to the mountain terrain. While the pavilion, platform and tower are built against the mountain. The vision efficacy and the landscape character "decorated the mountain with plums, decorated the plums against the mountain" are both in front of your eyes.

There are 30 or 40 kinds of plums in the Plum Garden; the famous kinds are the black plum, dragon traveling plum and so on. In early spring each year, the blossom plum flowers filled the garden, all kinds of shapes and gestures, and the fragrant riches the people's heart; the view and smell are truly the enjoyment of quality life.

The Tianxin Platform

Built in 1915, Situated behind the stone peak of the Taihu Lake. "Tianxin" is from the ancient verse. The Tianxin Platform is build with yellow stones, about 2.5 meters high. There is a stream near by, and there are various types of luxuriant plum flowers around.

In February every year and spring is walking nearly to the land, the plum flowers full of the mountain are competing to bloom, that flower sea is the best place for visitors appreciating the plum and taking photos.

Built in 1916, "The Yili Pavilion" is located to the west of the Tianxin Platform. There are plums standing in front of the pavilion, through the plums, you will see the Taihu Lake and the Lihu Lake.

You will recall old memories at familiar sights and remember the historical story that Fanli and Xishi (one of the most beautiful four ladies in ancient China) were boating on the lake, called "Yili". The foundation of "the Yili Pavilion" reflected that the owner of the garden Rongdesheng commended the heart seeing through the honor and official rank of Fanli.