Nanjing President's House, China

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President's House

The Former President's House is located on 292 Changjiang Road, Nanjing City. Before 1949, the liberation of China, it was once the President House of Mr. Sun Yat-sen and Mr. Jiang Jieshi, the chairman of Kuomintang, a political party in China.

In the Qing Dynasty, this house was originally the office building of the governor who was given the dominion over both Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces. Then in 1853, the head of a revolting team set up his "Peace Kingdom" and his governor house here.

On January 1912, Mr. Sun Yat-sen made a solemn oath as the first appointed "Interim Grand President" of " the Republic of China" at here. Then, it was the President House of Mr. Jiang Jie-shi, the chairman of KMT, and the ruling party in China before 1949.

After entering the Former President's House, you will see the east and the west wing rooms where the bodyguards of Mr. Jiang are stationed here. The "Military Affairs Bureau", the "General Affairs Bureau" and the "Celebration Bureau" are located at the east side of the Main Hall.

Then you come to the East Hall; the President's Rest Room and the West Hall, Foreign Affairs Reception Office. The "The Ministry of Civil Officials " is located on a 2 floors building and the wing rooms of West and East Halls.

Mr. Jiang Jieshi handled the official business at Room.119, the 2nd floor of Zi Chao Building, opposed which is the office of Vice President Li Zongren. There is the Conference Center at the third floor for holding the national affairs before 1949.

The office building of Mr. Sun Yat-sen, the first appointed " Interim Grand President" is located at a western style one stored house of West Garden, which was originally the Flowers Hall set up by Governor in Qing Dynasty. The 3 rooms on east side are office, meeting room and the rest room.

The west is the "Vow making Hall", where Mr. Sun Yat-sen took an oath of office as the first appointed " Interim Grand President" of "the Republic of China". Mr. Sun Yat-sen was respected by all Chinese and regarded as "The Father of Republic of China". You could pay a visit and view the records of his swearing speech and the autograph photos as well as the Chinese calligraphy "Fight" written by Mr. Sun Yat-sen.

On April 23, 1949, the Chinese People's Liberation Army conquered Nanjing with a Trans- Yantze River War. On October 1, 1949, the People's Republic of China was founded. The Former President's House was returned to the hands of people and opened to all tourists now.

The Former President's House experiences many important historic affairs during the modern history of China. United with revolutionary persons and groups, Mr. Sun led all Chinese to overthrow the corrupt and incompetent rule of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and set up the " Republic of China".