Hainan Qiongtai Academy, China

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Qiongtai Academy

The Qiongtai Academy is located in Qiongshan City, Hainan Province. It was formerly the oldest academy in Hainan and now it has become the campus of Qiongtai Normal School.

The Qiongtai Academy was built in 1705 AD in the year of Emperor Kangxi in the Ch'ing Dynasty, which was already 280 years from now.

Named after a famous scholar of Hainan, Mr. Qiu Jun, this structure is to commemorate him. He was the No.1 scholar in the Ming Dynasty, who was highly respected, for his accomplishment in writing and his modesty.

Now it has become the campus of Qiongtai Normal School. The Kuixing Pavilion, the main building of the academy, is two-story high. It is a wooden structure with green tile, red ceiling and white wall, which is typical of Chinese style.

Surrounded by ancient trees, this pavilion is a good place for study, and it was really the biggest and supreme academy in Hainan in earlier days.

Since Qiongtai Academy was the place where annual National Examination for the scholars took place in the old days, it is not strange at all that this academy was so important to those scholars. Therefore, this academy has been well kept by the government till now, and renovation was made constantly.

An antique exhibition is always on hold beside the Kuixing Pavilion for people to get to know the history of the academy.