Yunnan Dali Shan Yue Street, China

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Sanyue Street

The Shan Yue Street is not a street. The Shan Yue Street of Dali is a grand tradition meeting of Bai nationality in Yunnan Province once a year.

There are large-scale goods and materials exchange and folk customs such as horse race and folk dancing and singing.

Legends say that the Shan Yue Street begins from Sui and Tang Times (581~907A.D.). The existed document in which the Shan Yue Street was recorded is "The history of Yunnan" written by Liyuanyang in Ming Dynasty over 400 years ago.

The record said:

"On 15th of March, the goods of various provinces are exchanged under the Cang Shan Mountain. From Tang Dynasty to present, although the dynasties are changed continuously, the market is the same."

We know from history books that from the day Mother Buddha was handed into Dali, the posterity approached here to burn joss sticks to admire and the people from all around brought goods to exchange other goods.

Although the times are changing and the dynasties are moving, the Shan Yue Street is not only the same, on the contrary, it is even much hotter.

In recent years, the Shan Yue Street is more prosperous than before and with the increasing activities. The meeting has prolonged to 7-10 days and the number of people reaches 150,000. The trade sum can reach several million Yuan in several days; the live stocks and domestic animals for exchange are more than 10,000.

Great part of the rare medicines in Yunnan will display here as well. Additionally, the professional and amateur performance groups will arrange time for a lot of performance of singing and dancing.

The most attractive thing is horse race. To the day of horse race, the good riders of Bai, Yi, Baiyi, Naxi, Tibet and Miao nationalities in west area of Yunnan will collect at the foot of the Cang Shan Mountain. As hearing the order, the fine horses run suddenly like flying. That hot scene is quite attractive, rough and has nationality enthusiasm.

Some say that the Shan Yue Street is a unique traditional meeting held by the beautiful Dali minority in beautiful seasons and beautiful landscapes. The visitors who once took part in the Shan Yue Street say that is a beautiful experience.